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First of its kind NFT backed Argyle origin DOR certificated Pink diamonds


Pink Diamonds are the most sought-after, among the rarest diamonds in the World.

How pink diamonds are formed is still a mystery. The most prevailing theory is that immense heat and great pressure causes a distortion in the crystal structure of these diamonds, giving them a pink color.


It is very uncommon for diamonds to be exposed to these perfect conditions which cause them to change to a pink hue. This makes pink diamonds extremely rare.



Limited Supply

Pink diamonds are extremely expensive and rare because of their limited supply. They were mostly mined by one single mine, the Argyle mine. The Argyle origin pinks are even more limited.

Mystery Colour

The exact reason for the pink hue is still to some extent a mystery! The colour is formed in extreme rare conditions.

Rare Conditions

Instead of the usual Kimberlite pipe where most of the world’s diamonds are found, the pink diamonds at the Argyle Mine are sourced from a volcanic Lamproite pipe and take millions of years and the exact conditions to form.

No Chemical Impurity

Unlike most other fancy colour diamonds, that have an impurity which gives them their distinguishable colour; Pink diamonds contain no such chemical impurity.

Complicated Structure

Pink diamonds have a more complicated structure which takes 3 to 4 times as much effort and time to cut in comparison to white diamonds; polishing these also requires greater expertise and skills.

Deeper Color Saturation

Pink diamonds from the Argyle mines have a deeper color saturation than those from other mines, which makes them more admired and desirable.

" Less than 0.01% of diamonds in the world are coloured, and only 0.0001% of the 0.01% are pink. "


(Bonhams, April 2022)

Abstract Lines



Started operiations


Supplied the majority of the World Pink Diamonds


Mining operations were ceased due to exhausted supply


Total production of rough diamonds was classified

as pink

First-of-its-kind NFT backed by Argyle Origin Pink  Diamonds

Our mission is to innovate within the NFT space and restore consumer confidence by tokenizing extremely rare real-world assets, and democratizing the access to the public while unlocking the utility and benefits

of digital assets.

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